Woman who livestreamed her own death in crash becomes grim online phenomenon

A Facebook user has become a grim online phenomenon after livestreaming her own death.

Tragic Rina Angko was travelling with her husband and their seven-year-old son on their Yamaha 135 LC motor-scooter in Sabah, Malaysia on July 11.

But while the first five minutes of Rina’s video show the family cruising along the road, with the 38-year-old mum happily holding up one hand and giving a peace sign while she holds onto her son with her other hand, the final moments of the clip tell a very different story.

In the footage, which has collected over 200,000 views, watchers can see the bike suddenly begin to shake before veering off to the side of the road.

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With more and more people live-streaming their lives via Facebook and TikTok it was perhaps inevitable that someone would accidentally live-stream their death.

In his statement, Kunak District Police Chief, Supintendent. Sabarudin Rahmat, revealed that a Proton X70 SUV that was behind the family’s scooter tried to overtake another vehicle just as the scooter was beginning a right turn.

Sabarudin said: “The husband was flung onto the roadside following the collision, while the woman and her child, who were riding pillion, were dragged under the car.

“The man and his son only suffered scrape wounds, but the woman died at the scene."

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The police confirmed that the 54-year-old SUV driver and his wife were not injured in the accident.

Rahmat said they do not suspect that Rina’s husband or the driver of the SUV were operating their vehicles while under the influence of alcohol, however, blood samples were taken to be tested as a matter of routine.

The police are currently investigating the incident as a death caused by reckless or dangerous driving.


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