Woman who ignored mark on fingernail for years discovers she has deadly cancer

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A woman who ignored a mark on her fingernail for years, discovered she had a deadly cancer.

Alana Severs, 36, used red nail varnish to hide the “embarrassing line”.

But then she spotted an article on a magazine’s website suggesting it could be a symptom of an unusual cancer.

A panicked Alana went to her GP the next day and they sent her for an urgent referral.

Alana, 36, said: “What I thought of as a frivolous pastime, reading an article in bed, turned out to save my life.”

After a biopsy, she was diagnosed with melanoma and surgeons removed Alana’s entire fingernail plus 5mm of
cancerous tissue.

And she is grateful that she caught the cancer before it spread.

Nurse Alana said: “Because it was just a tiny line I never thought anything of it.

“I always wore red nail polish to cover it up because I was embarrassed about it.

“Then reading this article made me panic.But I’m relieved I came across it when I did.”

When Alana first spotted the article on a magazine’s website, she immediately suspected the worst. She said: “I sent screenshots to my partner.

“I was in an absolute panic and said my nail looks exactly the same.

“I was terrified that I had cancer and couldn’t believe that I ignored it for so long.”

Medical staff at Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth, told Alana she needed her fingernail removing immediately –
before it had the chance to spread into her bloodstream.

She said: “By some miracle, although it had been growing outwards and the line was getting bigger, it hadn’t started growing down yet.

“So I was cured with a few surgeries.

“The doctors told me it was brilliant that it hadn’t grown down into my hand.”

As well as losing the fingernail, Alana also needed to have a skin graft from her arm to cover her wound.

Alana, from Portsmouth, Hants, added: “To think that my life was changed, just by reading an article.

I could have gone another three years without thinking anything of it, and it could have spread and
become deadly.”

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