Woman who dresses pet pigeons in odd outfits fumes dont call them flying rats

A woman has hit out at people who call her pet pigeons "flying rats" and claims they are just as intelligent as dogs and parrots.

Meggy Johnson, 23, lives with her four pigeons Sky, Moose, Clee and Snowy at her home in Louth, Lincolnshire and said they all have their own adapted rooms.

The pigeon mum even takes them out for walks in her baby stroller and spends around £4,000 on them per year which includes splashing the cash on bizarre outfits.

Meggy, who runs Potty About Pets, said two of her pigeons are allowed to roam free around her home and said each of them have their own wardrobe, reports Grimbsy Live.

Speaking about her love for the birds, she said: "A lot of people automatically think that when you are trying to protect birds and wildlife you must be strange.

"They say I must be a vegan and that I shouldn't be a lover of 'flying rats' and vermin.

"People might say I'm a bit bonkers but I wouldn't have it any other way.

"I want to protect all wildlife because I want to see them protected. I don't want to see people who aren't licensed just shooting at what they want."

Clee and Snowy were brought to Meggy as disabled pigeons because they can't fly.

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She said: "They have their own room and wear flying suits so they aren't pooping too much in the house.

"One of them even knows his name because he was from Cleethorpes.

"I'm going to be like that crazy pigeon lady from Mary Poppins."

Despite receiving some negative comments, Meggy says she has received lots of support from people regarding her mission to save pigeons.

"It's been lovely for people to be so friendly and forthcoming about what I do," she said.

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"It hurts when they call my babies flying rats but you just have to take it on the chin.

"Remember, pigeons played an instrumental role in the First and Second World Wars by delivering messages. They received medals and honours for helping to save lives.

"Pigeons have been classed as vermin and dirty for years – it's like a learned behaviour. I want to change that because they should be loved.

"Yes, they might do a little poo, but so does a cat and a dog and it's no different."

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