Woman attacked by huge black bear that clawed at her face while walking dog

A huge black bear mother attacked a woman on her driveway after being startled as she returned from walking her dog in the US.

The woman, who identified herself as Aydee, had a lucky escape after being clawed by the bear in DeBary, Florida, last Thursday.

Aydee was walking her dog when the startled bear attacked her and gave chase as the woman tried to get away.

The bear managed to claw her back before Aydee escaped to a neighbour and pounded on their door for help.

She was left with a large cut across the left side of her forehead, as seen from an interview with a Florida TV station, and a twisted ankle.

Speaking to FOX 35 while pointing to her injuries, Aydee said: “When I realized it, she got me here. I took off running, and she came running behind me.

“I was screaming and going to my neighbours to see if he can call 911 or help me or take out a gun.”

One of her neighbours reported seeing the bear hanging around trees near his home just moments before the attack.

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The bear had been looking in trash for food and was shooed away by others but it ended up being sent towards Aydee and her dog.

Neighbours were able to scare the bear and her cubs away following the attack.

They were sent towards a wooded area until the officers with the Florida Wildlife Commission and Volusia County sheriff's deputies arrived on the scene.

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The Florida Wildlife Commission believed the bear was a continued threat to the public and decided to euthanize it.

This left her 100-pound cubs alone but the commission decided they were old enough to look after themselves.

Some neighbours were reportedly angry at the decision to kill the bear instead of relocating it and its cubs to a safer location.

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The bear had reportedly been in the area for seven to eight years and this was the first incident.

Aydee added: “I’m an animal lover too, but those are not my friends. She was trespassing at my house. I was not in her territory.”

Her dog was later found safe and sound.

Aydee also expressed concern over not relocated the cubs, fearing they may return.

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