Vladimir Putins odd reality TV show where bodyguards protected him from bears

Before Russia's President Vladimir Putin was hell-bent on invading Ukraine, the tyrannical despot had a brief fling with reality TV and the outcome was as ridiculous as you would expect.

For a short spell in 2018, he was the face of a TV show in Russia ominously titled 'Moscow. Kremlin. Putin' which was mocked by some as a Kardashian style 'Keeping up with the Kremlin'.

Ostensibly a meet and greet show, the cameras followed Vladimir as he went about his business in Russia "documenting his weekly activities and showing him as a responsible, sensitive leader".

The TV show was aired, predictably, on Russian state television and saw Putin stalking through the Russian countryside, riding horses bareback and reclining topless in military cargo trousers.

Every episode began with a studio host introducing the weekly activities of Russia's glorious leader.

In one strange excerpt, the excitable host proclaimed: "What did Putin do with the red berries?", before cutting to a video of Putin picking some red berries that he apparently "brought to a local market".

In another clip, Putin was filmed clambering up a mountain in a remote part of the country, although it is unknown what he saw at the top.

And amazingly so utterly besotted are some members of the Russian public with their leader, actual safety concerns were raised with the Kremlin over some of Putin's activities in the countryside where bears are known to frequent.

Speaking at the time, Putin's official spokesman Dmitry Peskov was forced to allay the safety concerns.

He said: “Do you think the bear is an idiot? If he sees Putin, of course, he’s going to mind his manners.”

What he didn't say of course was that Putin is protected at all times by a team of highly trained trigger happy bodyguards who would have no issues bringing down the unfortunate animal.

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As you might expect, full episodes of 'Moscow. Kremlin. Putin' are impossible to get hold of and there are no public reviews of the TV series on the internet.

Perhaps one day the world will see a return of the 'hit' show, although it's likely future episodes won't be as cheerful.

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