UKs most haunted street known for phantom smells braces itself for Halloween

UK's most haunted street, known for its phantom smells and paranormal activity, is now braced for Halloween.

Locals claim they've heard strange noises, seen ghostly figures, and even felt like they're being watched in the little-known cobbled road in Stoke-on-Trent.

Some people insist that they have smelled phantom cigarette smoke, heard voices, and even seen a cat that vanishes on approach in the innocuous looking back-road.

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Located just off Uttoxeter Road, in Longton, Short Street houses three cottages, formerly occupied by employees from the now-defunct Enson Works.

Some have described a feeling of stepping back in time when walking down the street, which sits near the Gladstone Pottery Museum.

The street is a popular haunt, excuse the pun, for ghost hunting groups looking to catch a glimpse of some of the much talked about spooky goings on.

One man, named Gary, told Supernatural Staffordshire columnist Damon Simms about his eerie encounter.

He said: "I remember thinking that the houses looked out of place and yet looked quite quaint.

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He added: "There was shouting coming from one. I didn't want to be too nosy but the door to one of the houses was open and there was a woman sitting on the doorstep.

"She looked like she was in fancy dress in a very old-looking dress with her hair tied up. She looked at me and smiled and I smiled politely back and said hello. She replied hello.

"I just presumed that she must have been doing some kind of play of the olden days at the nearby Gladstone pottery museum."

But, he said, after walking a few more steps and turning back to check on the woman, the frontages of the homes were all false and closed, with no lady in sight.

Anita Harris, who has run her pottery business on Short Street for the last nine years, says she has seen many ghost hunters looking for signs of paranormal activity in the street, but she has never experienced any herself.

The 65-year-old said: "It's such a load of codswallop. I've been here for nine years and people come along on a foggy day and take a photo and say it's all paranormal. There's a garage up here just behind the cottages, but people put the noises down to paranormal activity.

"A lot of ghost hunters contact me wanting to do seances in here and I just say 'no thank you'. I've worked through the night here on my own and I've never felt a presence."


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