Ukrainian soldier luckiest man alive after body armour is riddled in bullets

A Ukrainian soldier has been described as "the luckiest man alive" after pictures emerged of his body armour riddled in Russian bullets.

The picture was shared on Twitter by researcher Arslon Xudosi and showed the body armour ravaged by bullets, penetrated at least four times.

"A Ukrainian soldier survived several bullets. The armor is Turkish," Xudosi wrote alongside his picture.

Turkish drones, military hardware, body armour and helmets have all been used by Ukrainian forces fighting the Russian invasion.

Turkey’s defence industry exports to Ukraine increased 5,491 percent in the first two months of 2022 compared to last year, data published by the Turkish Exporters’ Assembly last month showed.

"Holy sh** that guy must feel like sh** and luckiest man alive all in one," said one commenter online.

"Damn, his ribs gotta hurt now. Glad he is alive," wrote a second person

A third person praised the Turkish equipment and said: "Apparently food and drones aren't the only things the Turks excel at."

The news of the soldier's close shave comes after another lucky Ukrainian soldier was saved by his Samsung Galaxy phone case after a bullet struck his body during a skirmish with Russian forces.

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War correspondent OSINTtechnical shared a video on Twitter of the anonymous Ukrainian soldier showing how his Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra stopped a bullet.

Lying in a trench, the soldier pulls the phone out of his pocket and turns it around to show the camera. A 7.62 caliber bullet is embedded in the back of the phone, where it was safely lodged and left the soldier unharmed.

Twitter users have identified the case in question as the S-View Flip Cover Case, an official Samsung phone case which can be bought on Amazon for £22.

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