Ukraine LIVE: Putin worry as Crimea water supply under serious threat

Ukraine: Russian forces strike Melitopol

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The dam provides water to the peninsula, and has been targeted by Ukraine’s army already on numerous occasions.

Residents in Simferopol and Yalta have had rationing enforced on them, as authorities struggle to ensure continuing water supplies.

Chuck Pfarrer, a former US SEAL leader and frequent commentator on events in Ukraine, wrote: “UKRAINE’S ACE IN THE HOLE: CRIMEA’S WATER: A recent Ukraine precision strike took out a pumping unit at the dam complex at Nova Kakhovka.

“This was a not so subtle reminder that Ukraine controls the water supply to Russian occupied Crimea.”

A European intelligence analyst also noted: “This is designed to make Russia worry….and they should.”


Frantic Putin turns to teen conscripts as ‘cannon fodder’ in heart-breaking photo

VLADIMIR PUTIN is turning to desperate measures to fill front-line troops with teenage conscripts, according to an unverified photo being shared online.

The news comes as Russia is desperate to replace almost 49,000 troops already killed since the start of the conflict just over six months ago.

Reports have emerged claiming the Kremlin is using prisoners and private mercenary soldiers from the Wagner Group, yet the next step appears more desperate as the conflict rages on and Ukraine pushes back.

The latest shocking image being shared online, shows around one dozen young boys who appear to be in a line at a mobilisation unit in Russia.**

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