UK snow warning: Britain at risk of April FREEZE in huge Polar Vortex

Gavin Partridge, owner of GavsWeatherVids, said the UK could be in for lower temperatures than expected as “major warming of the stratosphere” will “sound the death knell for the polar vortex”. The Met Office has attributed “sudden stratospheric warmings” with some extreme cold, winter snow events in the past including in 2009-10, 2013, and ‘the beast from the east’ in 2018. Stratospheric warmings are “so high up that we don’t feel the ‘warming’ ourselves”.

The polar vortex is an area of low pressure and very cold air which spins over the Arctic. 

The weather expert demonstrated the cold conditions forecast for the UK via a long range chart. 

He said: “This is how this season’s stratospheric polar vortex will end – it will end with this major warming of the stratosphere. 

“That will sound the death knell for the polar vortex. 

He added: “It’s not just fading away, this polar vortex, it is actually going to be knocked out by a final very significant warming of the stratosphere. 

“What you have to consider is whether this might set up northern blocking as we go further on into the spring.” 

He said as Britons approach the end of March they could be hit with northern blocking. 

In meteorology, blocks are large-scale patterns in the atmospheric pressure field that are effectively “blocking” migratory cyclones. 

The blocks can remain stationary for a matter of days or weeks. 

Mr Partridge warned “because this is quite a significant warming of the stratosphere it could be replaced by some northern blocking as we go further on into spring”. 

He said: “Now, I would sort of pinpoint later on into April for that. 

“So it could be that this is going to be one of those years where we get quite a cold snap at some point during April – I wouldn’t rule it out but on the other hand I wouldn’t say that it’s definite that we will. 

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“But I think it’s something that we’ve got be watching out for, we’ve got to be alert for this as we go into April. 

“That we don’t set up northern blocking and and quite a cold interlude at some point during April.

 “So we want to watch as we go further on into the spring, chances of northern blocking perhaps as we move further on into April.” 

The Met Office has predicted “some interludes of more changeable, windier weather” towards the end of March and the first half of April. 

Meteorologists said early spring will bring “a large range of temperate at times, giving some cod frosty nights followed by some pleasantly warm days”. 

The second half of March is set to bring rains for Britain. 

The Met Office said temperature will also likely be on the cold side. 

“Weather fronts may approach the north and west occasionally, increasing cloud amounts, but these will lily be weak affairs with limited rainfall.” they said. 

This weekend torrential rains and strong winds are set to sweep across the UK. 

Gusts of wind up to 50mph are expected to roll into Wales and western regions of England on Saturday night. 

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