Terrifying 50ft jump that burst womans spine and put her in a wheelchair

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A woman has shared the horrifying footage of the moment she "burst" her spine by jumping off a 50-foot bridge into the river below.

Libby Sinden was left wheelchair-bound for four months following the incident at Devil’s Bridge in Kirkby, Cumbria in July 2021.

The now 22-year-old and her friends wanted to cool off in the water but she described the moment she made an impact with the water as "like hitting a brick wall".

The clip, which has been shared on TikTok, shows the healthcare worker jumping into the water and then struggling to swim as she screamed "I hurt my back".

Libby was able to drag herself out of the water but lay in pain for three and a half hours while she waited for emergency services to arrive.

She was then taken to Preston Royal Hospital for a major six-hour operation on her spine.

Now Libby is begging others not to follow in her footsteps and warning them never to jump off bridges and cliffs into the water as it could "change their entire life".

"I was one of the lucky ones not to be paralysed and have any rocks underneath,” Libby, said.

"A lot of people jump off the bridge often. I watched quite a few people jump off it, including kids, and they were absolutely fine.

"I'd seen two people before jump in but I know over the years, hundreds or even thousands have done it. As I stood on the wall, I felt a bit of adrenaline mixed with nervousness.

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"As soon as I jumped, I felt fear before I hit the water [when] I realised how high it was. It was about 50ft high. I decided to give it a go but I was just unlucky. The way I hit the water, it was still rather than moving, so it was almost like hitting a brick wall.

"It caused my spine to have a burst fracture, which led to getting three fire rescue teams, an ambulance, mountain rescue and then being air evacuated to Preston Royal Hospital.

"My message to other people is that it can happen to anyone at any time and that a small decision can change your entire life. Don't do it. Everyone makes mistakes and I want to raise awareness."

Libby underwent emergency surgery on her back, leaving her with metal rods and titanium screws in her spine to fuse it back together. She then stayed in the hospital for a week before spending four months wheelchair-bound and having to learn to walk again.

Libby said: "I only hit the water [and not any rocks] but once I came back up, I felt like I'd winded myself. I wasn't aware of the severity at first. With the way, the spine burst, part of the bone went into my spinal canal and it put some pressure on one of my kidneys.

"I was very, very close to paralysing or killing myself.”

Now almost a year on since the accident, Libby is still hoping to get back running and claims her dog Sahara has been one of her main motivations for getting better.

Libby said: "I'm a year on now, I still feel pain but I was able to walk again and through determination. I've managed to get back to doing a lot of things I could before though I'm limited."

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