Teen cowgirl raped and murdered by big brother who said she died too soon

A teenage cowgirl who loved riding horses was raped and murdered by a close pal she referred to as her “big brother” after he offered to give her a lift home.

Gabrielle Ujlaky, who was known as Britney, was popular around her Nevada community for making her friends laugh and had a bright career ahead of her in counselling.

The 16-year-old had grown close to Bryce Dickey, 18, who she had met through the rodeo community.

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Dickey had offered Britney a lift home after the pair watched her dad’s band on 8 March 2020.

She joked: “I’ll beat you home” to her dad before leaving – but the tragic youngster was never seen alive again.

After Britney was reported missing, deranged Dickey told cops he had dropped her off as she said she wanted to meet a new friend.

But days later Britney’s partially clothed, lifeless body was found dumped in tarpaulin in Burner Basin, a remote desert in the area.

Dickey said at the time, the news made him “hit the floor” as her life was taken “far too soon”.

He grieved: “We love you so much. Just know you won’t ever be forgotten.”

But horrified police officers later discovered a used condom with Dickey’s DNA at the crime scene and a pair of blood-stained boots at his house.

They arrested and charged him with murder and sexual assault of the young woman who he had referred to as his “sis”.

Britney’s mum Alisha praised her daughter as a “bright, beautiful light”.

She told Dickey: “I believed your ridiculous lies… you let me come and comfort you, knowing you had raped and murdered my daughter.

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“I hope the guilt eats you up inside and drives you to the complete chaos that my mind lives in.”

A jury later found evil Dickey, now 20, guilty of first-degree murder and sexual assault with a deadly weapon.

He was sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole in 20 years.


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