Taliban have Blackhawks! Trump says Biden shouldve bombed hell out of US military kit

Trump says he'd have 'bombed the hell out of' equipment in Afghanistan

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During a furious rant on Fox Business news, the former President of the United States lashed out at President Joe Biden’s “crazy” and “embarrassing” withdrawal from Afghanistan. Mr Trump stressed how Mr Biden has gone about the withdrawal so badly that the US has handed over “billion dollars worth” of equipment to the Taliban when he would have instead “bombed the hell out of” all of it before getting out. His furious comments come as the Taliban have been pictured brandishing US-made assault rifles, driving humvees supplied to the Afghan army and pictured at former US airbases including Bagram airbase.

Mr Trump insisted: “You don’t take the military out first, you take the military out last.

“This is like the captain off the ship if the ship is sinking… You take the people off first”

The former President added that American’s would be taken out first under his decision and then “those that helped us” referring to interpreters and other Afghans who assisted the US army during the 20-year intervention in the country.

He went on to slam Biden’s rapid withdrawal as “crazy” and branded the process and collapse of Afghanistan as “the most embarrassing moment in our country”.

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Mr Trump went on to outline what he viewed as a correct way to leave Afghanistan.

He insisted: “You gotta get your people out… then you take your equipment out.

“And after you take your equipment out, you bomb the hell out of the forts so nobody else can use them!

“Because I was going to do that, I said I want every one of these forts.”

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Mr Trump claimed it would take a plane “two hours” to carry out such a mission.

But he conceded: “Now they’re being used the Taliban! It’s just not even believable!”

He also claimed that the US army has “billions of dollars worth of equipment” now lying around in Afghanistan free to be claimed by the Taliban.

He went on to claim that the Taliban now have “brand new Blackhawk helicopters” at their disposal as a result of the rapid retreat from the country. 

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His comments come as a Sky News report back in July revealed how the Taliban had taken control of a former US base Wardak province in the north of the country.

The report showed how the insurgents had snatched an astonishing 900 brand new guns, 30 hummvies, 20 armoured pick-up trucks, thousands of rounds of ammunition and boxes upon boxes of brand new missiles and mortars.

One Taliban commander told Sky News: “Most of the time we don’t rely on all of this. We just rely on Allah. But it does help us a lot and it has given us a lot of new weapons we can use in battle.”

The Taliban are now in control of Afghanistan after 20-years of US intervention in the country.

It comes as footage emerges of a desperate evacuation effort by western countries as they scramble to get diplomats, aid workers as well as interpreters and their families out of Afghanistan to flee the brutal regime of the Taliban.

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