Surgeon forced to cut open live patient and steal organs with no anaesthetic

A former surgeon has spoken of how he was made to cut the vital organs from a still-living patient after he saw dozens shot by a Chinese firing squad.

Enver Tothi believes he was made to cut into the dying man to harvest his vital organs for transplant.

He told how, on one summer's day in 1995, he was ordered to assemble a surgical team and head out on a special assignment.

An ambulance was sent to collect him from his home town of Ürümqi to a location in the far northwest of China.

There, he witnessed the aftermath of a mass execution. He saw around 20 men wearing prisoners' uniforms. They had been shot and some of them were still twitching as if in pain.

Tothi was ordered to cut the liver and kidneys out of one of the slaughtered dissidents.

"I became a robot," the father-of-three told the Mirror.

"You carry out what you are programmed to do. When I cut through there was bleeding, which means the heart was still beating. I understood why.

"This man was shot to the right chest. They knocked him out but did not let him die immediately so I had time to remove the organs. It was an easy and quick operation which took ten to fifteen minutes. Even less because it’s a destructive operation. The chief surgeon put the organs in a box and said 'now you take your team back to hospital, and today nothing happened'."

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Tohti came to Britain in 1999 after fleeing China and was granted political asylum three years later. He said: “When I performed that operation in 1995, I knew nothing of organ harvesting. It wasn’t until I came to Britain and first heard of the practice that I realised what had taken place.

“That man had been shot but, technically, I killed him and that still haunts me to this day.”

The identity of the dying man he was forced to operate on, without anaesthetic, remains a mystery.

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In China, over 1,000,000 members of the predominantly Muslim Uighur community have been locked up without a trial in “re-education camps” in the far western Xinjiang region.

The Chinese public may not be aware how inhumanely Uighur people are being treated, given the widespread disinformation campaign surrounding their imprisonment.

Enver Tothi , no longer working as a doctor, now drives an Uber around London.

When he is not at work Dr Tothi speaks about his experience and the Uighur Muslims – who he believes are being "eliminated" so they won't interfere with China's quest for global domination

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