Squirrels cost Kingston man thousands of dollars in car repairs

In the past few weeks, Peter Prue’s vehicle has been targeted and damaged — not once, but twice.

The culprit, according to Prue: squirrels.

“It was wrecked by squirrels,” he said. “They got in, chewed all the wiring. Did $2,500 worth of damage. Thank God we have insurance.”

Five days after he got his vehicle back from the shop, it happened again.

He’s contacted his landlord, city bylaw officers, pest control and even Kingston police — but nobody seems to have a solution.

Needless to say, Prue is fed up.

“I’m at my wits’ end. I’ve called everybody and I’ve got no answer. I’m scared to bring the vehicle back here.”

And he’s not alone. After knocking on doors in his complex, he found eight others in his same situation.

One resident says her problem with squirrels began last year.

“When I opened my hood it was just filled right up with leaves and branches,” said Angie Driscoll. “I cleaned it out, went in to get my son — an hour later, it was filled back up again.”

She says the squirrels ate through the insulation inside the hood of her car, as well as multiple wires.

According to Marin Pest Management, Prue’s situation is a familiar one. Owner Daniel Marin says some wires in cars are made with soy-based materials — and for squirrels, that’s food.

To help deter the rodents, Marin has a couple of tips.

“Introducing predator smells may be a good idea,” he said. “Even cat litter, one that has been used, that will repel rodents. The best thing to do is not to leave food or trash in the vehicle.”

Prue says he’s willing to try any type of remedy, such as mothballs, cayenne pepper and fabric softening sheets.

He just wants something done to make the squirrels to stop.

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