Single dad of six heartbroken after daughter dies in freak campsite accident

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A single dad of six has shared his heartbreak after his daughter tragically died in a freak campsite accident.

Kim Roser bravely recalled the harrowing moments before his girl Kahleesi, 7, fell from his moving car as they arrived at their holiday destination in Central Australia.

The devastated father said she had tried to jump out of the window before his Nissan Patrol had stopped which is when she suffered a catastrophic injury.

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It is believed that an excited Kahleesi banged her head on the wheel as she tried to rush over to the campsite gate.

After hearing a scream, Kim immediately stopped the car and got out of the door and found his daughter with blood coming out of her ears.

Describing the horrific incident, Kim told “The kids jumped in the car and we went to get water and I don’t know what happened.

"I think she tried to jump out the window before the car stopped to be the first to open the gate.

“We would’ve been doing 15km maybe slower… my 13-year-old daughter was sitting beside her and my friend was sitting there too and I just hear him yell ‘Kahleesi’ and I just looked back and got out and ran to her.

“She had blood coming out her ears, she was all twisted up. I don’t know if her head knocked the wheel or what happened.

“I just scooped her up and drove as fast as I could to get help.”

Kim held his daughter's hand and looked her in the eyes and told her everything would be alright.

Kim added: “All I could do was hold my little girl’s hand and look into her eyes and say ‘Kahleesi, just look into my eyes baby’ and say ‘I love you, you’re a big girl. You’re tough, it’s OK’.

The family had no phone signal as they were miles away in the outback which meant calling for emergency help was extra difficult.

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She was rushed to Harts Range medical clinic before being flown to the Adelaide Women’s and Children’s Hospital but tragically died from her injuries.

Kim added: "It’s just been the kids and I. I was with the kids every day of the week, every minute. Kahleesi was the youngest.

“Her sister was like a mum to her. They’d sleep together all the time like best friends. It’s hit her hard, too. We just want to wake up from this nightmare.”

Kim confirmed Kahleesi has donated her organs to save other children's lives – and claims she would have approved.

He said: “She was just like me, a mini me – I’d do anything for anybody too. Everyone who knows her is hurting. I don’t think life can get any worse."

The accident is still under investigation, according to Northern Territory Police Force.

A fundraiser to help the family has been set up by friends to try and help cover funeral costs. To donate visit here.


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