Sex robot security guards could be created with endlessly upgradeable AI

A sex robot company is producing groundbreaking machines that could double up as security guards.

Manufacturer Lux Botics has rolled out two flagship models, Niki and Stephanie.

Both contain a computer-operated skeleton and are equipped with “endlessly upgradeable artificial intelligence”.

Each of the company’s robots has a “basic personality” which improves as their software is updated.

Lux Botics also produces domestic robots, which can act as security guards and companions for the elderly.

Company spokesman Bjorn told the Daily Star: “When making a teacher robot/elderly companion/security guard we would generally not give it functional genitalia.

“We mould the robots with or without genitalia.

“The exceptions would be for example if a customer would order an adult companion for the private home but wants the robot to be able to guard the home, with the robot’s cameras.”

A typical robot produced by Lux Botics would cost around £3,500, with the more expensive models coming in at £6,500.

Bjorn added: “The personality has sliding modes from formal to host.

“If the robot identifies that it is home and alone with its owner, it will automatically be in formal mode and if the robot is around other people that it does not recognise it will be more towards host mode.

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“This requires the cameras in eyes and the better CPU. AI is upgradeable endlessly.”

Earlier this year, Lux Botics also said it could produce robots that replace dead partners using groundbreaking 3D modelling.

Initially, a 3D model would be created using sophisticated modelling before being printed out in a “very fine resolution”.

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Lux Botics can also collect photos of the individual, but the end product would not be as realistic.

A mould would be constructed from the 3D model, with a robotic skeleton placed inside.

The robot would be painted and fitted with lips, nails, eyebrows and all other required features.

Bjorn earlier said: “We can make robots that talk but we have not made robots that truly walk on their own.

“We hope to develop this in the near future. We can make a large number of body parts that can move in a realistic manner.”

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