Russian troops stealing from each other as bloke left with no shoes or mattress

The "sh**show" Russian invasion of Ukraine has taken another tumultuous turn as reports suggest troops are now stealing from each other, with one bloke left with no shoes or mattress.

A unnamed recent conscript showed the dire conditions in one camp, where he claims sickness due to poor conditions – and stealing – are rife.

The video was shared to Twitter by Julia Davis, the creator of the media watchdog group Russian Media Monitor.

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"Meanwhile in Russia: take a look at the way the newly-mobilized recruits are being treated," Davis wrote alongside the clip.

"An unnamed man complains that his shoes, his money, and his mattress got stolen. He says, that's just the way it is. Everyone got sick, because they are barely heating the tents. Grim."

The soldier says that everyone in the ramshackle camp was recently drafted from Khanty-Mansiysk, a city and the administrative centre of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug–Yugra.

"I don't have either tennis shoes or tactical boots," the soldier says near the start of the clip. "Everyone here is from Khanty-Mansiysk. All of our guys, we're finding our own pathways. Can't do it any other way."

He then goes into a large tent that he says is his living quarters, and adds that it is heated by one small stove.

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"It didn't help worth a damn," the soldier says about the heater. "You can hear how raspy my voice is, it's awful. Half the guys got sick with a cold."

He also claims that his mattress was stolen, adding that stealing was the "way to survive here."

The stoves are also subject to being stolen, he adds. His money and shoes were also nicked, he claimed, saying that the superiors don't care.

"As the deputy told me 'am I your Mommy or your Daddy? Find it yourself'," he said.

And the "special military operation", as Putin calls it, has reportedly faced issues from the start.

“Basically, it’s a shitshow here, I’ll put it that way,” an unnamed soldier near Mykolaiv in southern Ukraine can be heard telling a colleague in a recording released by Ukraine’s Security Service in late March.


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