Russian propagandist slammed after NYE wish Kyiv will become uninhabitable

A deranged Russian propagandist has been slammed online after saying that his New Year wish was for Ukraine to be plunged into darkness and for Kyiv to become uninhabitable.

Russian state TV host Sergey Mardan was discussing a massive Russian missile strike on Ukraine and the strength of Ukrainian air defences when he moved onto the country's high level of development.

In his bizarre rant, the Putin spokesperson then explained how he hoped Ukrainians would celebrate New Year in “total darkness” and said he had “no pity” for them.

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In translations from Russian Media Monitor, he said: “It is impossible to destroy all of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure at once, it’s incredibly well developed.

“It has a gigantic potential of backup transformers, reserve power transmission lines, etc.

“Ukraine is the most industrially developed territory of the former Soviet Union.

“Naturally, it also has the most developed energy infrastructure.”

But the Putin mouthpiece reckoned that despite all of this, for some unspecified reason, at some point this would all come to an end.

He continued: “But, there is no question at some point all of it will break down, it certainly will – I simply look at all that is happening – I really have no pity for them.

“I’m just trying to predict the future that awaits this territory.”

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In an unpleasant prediction, he said that the only place he thought there would be power in Ukraine was where Russia’s military was set up.

“As for peace – no not peace – the ability to survive will only exist in these places where Russian soldiers are stationed, wherever there are Russian tanks.

“Feelings that I am experiencing towards Ukraine are not about joy – there is no joy, but there is rage.”

Then, in his vile rant, he explained how he wished savage misery on the people of Ukraine and seemed to say he hoped the people of the nation’s capital Kyiv would be forced to flee their homes.

He continued: “I’m curious: Will the lights go out before the 31st?

“Or by [Orthodox] Christmas [January 7]? That’s what I’m interested in.

“How will the political [slur against Ukrainians] celebrate New Year 2023?

“I would prefer they celebrate it in total darkness. I would prefer if Kyiv became an uninhabitable city. I would prefer that during the night on December 31.

“The unfortunate residents of Kyiv would go off towards the border with Poland, leaving this cursed city, this cursed place behind them. Most of them will leave it forever.

Then, chillingly, to close out his monologue, he added: “Will we be able to survive the next year in the context of where all of us ended up at the end of February 2022? I’m not really sure about that."

Naturally, he's been slated online. One Twitter user said: "It's easy to sense his desperation. He sighs, and struggles to appear convincing. I doubt whether his cynical and hateful babble contributes to a positive view of this criminal war – even seen with Russian eyes."

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