Russian draftees trained for two weeks before fighting Ukraine

Putin 'has nothing to offer’ to Russians in war says Palyuga

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Russian draftees are being trained for two weeks before they are sent off to the front lines in Ukraine, reports reveal. A video shared by a ABC news reporter shows a Russian officer yelling angrily at the draftees as he calls them all “military men.”

The angry officer is seen saying: “You all are now military officers. That’s it. The game is over. You are all military. Three days here, then flight and then two weeks until training. 

“Staffing of units. Salary is like for a contractor, officer depending on your rank. Combat payments, status of a combat veteran, until the end of the special operation and then home.”

Earlier this week, Russian leader Vladimir Putin announced plans to mobilise up to 300,000 military reservists to fight in Ukraine after Russian forces lose ground.

The partial mobilisation could see up to 300,000 reservists being called up over the coming months, potentially about two to three times the estimated size of the initial force Russia deployed when it invaded Ukraine on February 24.

Journalist Neil Hauer responded to the video and said: “Russian draftees being told they will receive two weeks of training, then off to the front. 

“The chaos is going to be unimaginable.”

On Wednesday, Putin said: “We are talking about partial mobilisation, that is, only citizens who are currently in the reserve will be subject to conscription, and above all, those who served in the armed forces have a certain military specialty and relevant experience.”

Al Jazeera reported that Russia has said it is exempting some bankers, IT workers and journalists from being drafted into the army to serve in Ukraine.

Russia’s defence ministry on Friday announced some employees working in critically important industries would be excluded from the draft in a bid to “ensure the work of specific high-tech industries, as well as Russia’s financial system”.

The exceptions apply to some IT workers, telecommunications workers, finance professionals, as well as some employees at “systemically-important” mass media outlets and interdependent suppliers, including registered media and broadcasters.

A Russian independent monitoring group, OVD-Info, reported that men detained in the statewide anti-war rallies that followed the mobilisation announcement were handed draft papers while in custody in at least 15 Moscow police departments.

Meanwhile, ABC news reported that Russian troops have raped and tortured children in Ukraine, carried out a “large number” of executions and committed other war crimes, according to a United Nations investigation by legal experts.

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Set up by the UN to probe the conduct of the war, the Independent International Commission of Inquiry reported its chilling findings Friday in Geneva, describing a long list of abuses and atrocities in four regions.

Erik Mose, the chairman of the three-member commission, told the UN Human Rights Council: “Based on the evidence gathered by the commission, it has concluded that war crimes have been committed in Ukraine.”

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