Russia immediately hit Snake Island after Ukrainian troops plant countrys flag

Russia's response to Ukrainian forces planting a flag on Snake Island was to launch a deadly attack, according to the Russian Defence Ministry.

The small island, 80 miles off the southern tip of Ukraine – measuring just less than half a mile wide – was attacked and captured by Russian forces in February on the first day of the conflict.

The annexation hit the headlines when Ukraine border guards on the island refused to surrender, telling Russian sailors aboard the Moskva, “go f*** yourself” over a loudspeaker.

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Ukraine then bombarded the isle and on June 30, they announced they had won it back, only for Russia to suggest its retreat was purely a ‘goodwill gesture’, to show Moscow was not interfering with the UN’s attempts to export Ukrainian agricultural products.

Several Ukrainian troops have been installing their blue and yellow flags around the island in a show of defiance from Kyiv to Russia.

But Moscow have claimed that they have since attacked the Black Sea outpost, leaving several casualties in their wake.

“Against the backdrop of military failures and a large-scale retreat of the Ukrainian troops in the Donbass on July 7, the Kyiv regime attempted to symbolically deliver the Ukrainian flag to Snake Island,” said a Russian military department report.

Ministry spokesman Lieutenant General Igor Konashenkov added some meat to the bones of the developments on the island, as well as the Russian jet attack, explaining: “At about 5am, several Ukrainian servicemen landed on the island from a motor boat and took pictures with the flag.

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“An aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces immediately launched an attack on Snake Island with the use of high-precision missiles.

“As a result of the attack, some of the Ukrainian military men were destroyed, others fled.”

Serhiy Bratchuk, the head of the Odesa regional administration, confirmed the island had indeed been subject to attack, but he provided no details of what had occurred or what the damage had been.


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