Rangers find burned bears killed as they tried to feast on electrocuted elk

Two blokes were stunned to find two huge brown bears that died after trying to feast upon an electrocuted elk.

The elk lay dead on the floor of a forest in the remote Yakutia region of Siberia, Russia, after high voltage electric cables fell on the beast.

Enticed by the seemingly free meal, the bears then approached but appear to have met the same shocking end.

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Two forest rangers took pictures of the gruesome scene they stumbled across, showing the three dead animals.

They said: "An elk was electrocuted. The bears came."

The brown bears had also been electrocuted to death by the fallen high voltage electric cables.

Images show they suffered severe burns as they died.

It remains unclear why the electric cables fell in the first place.

Russia has suffered several sabotage attacks, including attacks on power lines, from Vladimir Putin's enemies over the war in Ukraine.

Pylons near St Petersburg were brought down by explosives earlier this month, with Kremlin opponents suspected of being responsible for the incident.

The news comes as a man in the US faces the prospect of prison after shooting and killing a grizzly bear just outside Yellowstone National Park.

Hunter Patrick M Gogerty mistook the beast for a black bear. Black bears are legal to hunt while grizzlies are protected.

Wyoming Game and Fish Department Game Warden Travis Cane wrote in an affidavit that Gogerty told him he was confident the bear he shot was a black bear because it did not have a grizzly's humped back.

He then apparently fled the scene without telling authorities about the dead bear.

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