Putins puppet takes direct aim at Britain: Accuses UK of conducting staged provocations

Putin: ‘Court of history will damn him’ says Lord Dannatt

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During a press briefing on Wednesday, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova stated that Britain is offering its expertise to assist Kyiv in staging the war crimes committed in Ukraine. According to the spokeswoman, footage from these allegedly fake atrocities is then used to frame Putin and the Russian troops as war criminals.

Ms Zakharova said: “The Kyiv regime, under the leadership of the British special services, highly experienced in their field, is preparing another false staged provocations to accuse the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation of allegedly cruel treatment of the population of the Sumy region of Ukraine.”

When declaring war against Ukraine prior to the invasion, Putin had called it “a special military operation”, which aims to “demilitarise” and “denazify” the country, with no plans for occupation.

Russian forces have so far killed thousands of innocent civilians, dozens of them found in mass graves dug by the attacking troops, and forced over 4,5 million people to flee the country, while others that haven’t been able to be evacuated are facing the horrors of a devastating war.

Denying allegations from Ukraine and the West about Putin’s cruelty, Ms Zakharova pointed to the neo-nazist Azov Batallion and repeated the initial justification of the war from the Russian regime.

She said: “Whom are you talking about cruelty? Did you see what the nationalist battalions did with prisoners of war?

“Servicemen don’t behave like that – only extremists, terrorists, and simply sick people. They shoot them in the legs, gouge out their eyes, beat them.

“This is a matter of special pride for Ukrainian neo-Nazis.”

“They learned their lessons well. The instructors were NATO, including British.”

And the Ministry representative continued targeting the UK, saying: “According to the plan of the ‘British directors’, the units of the Russian troops during the retreat allegedly massively killed civilians and mocked them.

“Another fake is intended to be promoted in the Western media. Its goal is to further whip up Russophobia.

“The role of London in this will someday be known to the entire global community. The citizens of Ukraine, are now used as typical colonial consumables.”

Ms Zakharova also quoted the Russian Ministry of Defence in accusations of staging the war crimes.

In a statement on Monday, the MoD claimed that Russia is taking “unprecedented measures to save civilians” in Ukraine.

The statement added: “The Kyiv regime, under the ‘sensitive’ leadership of the so-called ‘civilized West’ led by the United States of America, which has many years of experience in organizing provocations with human casualties, continues the campaign to create and promotion in the world media of false ‘evidence’ of the cruel treatment of the Russian army with the civilian population of Ukraine.”

Moreover, Russia claimed that representatives of Ukrainian and Western media have been invited to the city of Seredina-Buda in the Sumy region, which was previously under the control of Russian troops, to film the “staged” stories.

The Russian MoD even said that a curfew and “evictions” were introduced in the city “in order to conceal the provocation and prevent it from being exposed by real witnesses”.

During her press briefing, Ms Zakharova presented Britain’s colonial past as an argument to justify the allegations against the UK.

She said: “Why do we remember today the dark colonial past of Great Britain in the whole world? They remind themselves of this. We would like to forget. It’s disgusting to even touch on it, but you need to know.

“London’s methods have not gone away. They are successfully exported and operated. We have seen this in Ukraine.

“The methods of suppressing the Donbas were clearly taught by British instructors and political mentors.”

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