Psychic who foresaw Covid crisis predicts bombshell UFO revelation before 2023

A psychic who predicted the outbreak of a 'new disease' in 2020 and a royal death in 2021 has revealed her visions for the next two years – which includes the public learning more about alien invasions.

Now, Deborah has predicted that the public will be given more information about aliens and UFOs.

Former US President Barack Obama confirmed the existence of 'UFOs' earlier this year and claimed they had greater speed and manoeuvrability than anything the US military has.

Physic Deborah said: "I see more information being shared with the public about the known presence of Alien life visiting our planet.

"I also see that more people will come forward to speak about strange lights in their homes and gardens and the public collectively will speak about this.

"It’s only through public demand that more information will be given.

"We are being visited now more than ever by life forms from other planets".

Deborah also believes that the tumultuous tensions between members of the royal family will settle down, but Meghan Markle will continue to keep her distance.

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Deborah predicts: "I see that Prince Harry will restore his relationship with Prince William and Kate in particular,' she says.

"I feel that the issues he has with Prince Charles will never fully be repaired.

"I do feel that Meghan Markle will continue to distance herself from all members of the Royal family regardless of Prince Harry restoring relationships.

"Prince Harry is still in a honeymoon period at the moment but I see that he will return to the UK to live in the future.

"It will take some time before he realises that despite issues being repaired Meghan will not encourage him to build strong relationships with his family, and that is going to be something that puts a cavern between them," she adds.

The reality star psychic also has predicts that coronavirus will settle down into a "mild illness" but believes a "much more powerful virus which may will be a mutation" will cause the same problems as the pandemic.

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"I do think that will cause similar problems to the original virus," she said.

"I feel as though something has been released into our world which will mean we always have to live with some form of mindfulness regarding social distancing."

Mum-of-three Deborah Davies, 54, who stars in Real Housewives of Cheshire, has previously predicted advancements in the treatment of Parkinson's disease, and even claims she predicted a plane crash in Autumn 2020.

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