Prince Andrews alleged deals with fraudster might finish the Queen – expert

Claims of dealings between Prince Andrew and an alleged fraudster may "finish the Queen", an expert has claimed

Details of The Duke of York's potentially problematic dealings were revealed by royal expert Daniela Elseras in an article for

In the article, entitled "The $40 million problem that might finish the Queen", she says the Royal Family member accepted payments totalling nearly £1.5million ($1.9million USD) from Turkish businessman Selman Turk.

The alleged fraudster is currently being sued by his former employer, Turkish millionaire Nebahat Evyap Isbilen, for allegedly defrauding her of around £53million ($70million), and Elseras claims it is causing Her Majesty a "very, very serious headache".

Isbilen is said to have fled her home country amid fears of politician imprisonment, but her allegations towards Turk, who is said to have deposited nearly a million pounds ($1.3million) into Prince Andrew's bank account is currently being investigated.

In November 2019, Turk is said to have deposited the hefty sum of money on behalf of Isbilen.

Isbilen believed the money was going to be used to get a new Turkish passport, but Turk is said to have told her bank when questioned that the large transaction was actually a gift for newly-engaged Princess Beatrice's wedding.

When Isbilen's lawyers contacted Andrew in March 2021, the money was returned but questions about what the money had been for were not answered.

Prince Andrew has had a series of "eyebrow-raising" controversies around his financial status in the Royal Family, with Eleseras claiming the "taint of his questionable affairs" are now "reaching all the way to the top".

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In the article, Elseras refers to the 2007 purchase of a crumbling property owned by the Prince and ex-wife Sarah Ferguson for nearly £20million ($26.2million)

The hefty sale to the son-in-law of Kazakhstan's autocratic ruler purchased was reportedly £3.9million ($5.2million) over the asking price.

Elseras also asserts suspicions over the purchase of a near-£24million chalet in the exclusive Swiss resort of Verbier, pointing out that Andrew's £330,000 ($435,000) allowance isn't quite enough to amass the asking price.

In May 2020 it was revealed that they had agreed to pay for the property in instalments, with former owner Isabelle de Rouvre suing the Yorks after they failed to make a final £8.7million ($11.5million) transfer.

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