Pregnant mum left chilling notes predicting her own murder at hands of husband

A murderous husband who strangled the pregnant mum of his two young kids was exposed in chilling notes his victim penned before she was killed.

Much-loved teacher Amber Guichelaar, 32, was found dead in her bedroom by cops who later arrested partner Richard Guichelaar, 36, over her death.

But haunting passages in tragic Amber’s notebook had predicted her brutal murder before it happened.

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Investigators searching the late mum’s car found a diary with her handwriting, that wrote of evil Guichelaar: “He isn’t someone I want around my children.

“He is dangerous… I have literally thought to myself, am I safe…asleep next to him? Would he ever kill me?”

The eerie scrawlings painted a picture of an aggressive man who subjected his wife to vile outbursts including physical violence.

Notes also revealed how Guichelaar would lash out in a fit of rage, throwing mugs at the TV and punching the walls of their home in Grand Rapids, Michigan, US.

The notebook would go on to be key evidence in the monster being put behind bars – for a minimum of 33 years for second-degree murder and intentionally assaulting a pregnant woman.

A judge warned he was a “danger to society” after cops pieced together the morbid events.

Guichelaar rang authorities in the early hours of the morning on November 16, 2020, to report his wife was lifeless.

He frantically sobbed: “My wife isn’t breathing… I think she had a sweatshirt around her neck…

“She’s purple and not breathing.”

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Guichelaar tried to claim that Amber had accidentally strangled herself, but an autopsy determined she had died from asphyxiation that she couldn’t have done alone.

Although the pair’s young daughters, aged just aged two and eight months at the time, were also in the house, Guichelaar was the only person capable of causing the injuries.

Amber’s sister is now looking after her tragically motherless children whilst the kid’s dad remains behind bars.


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