Pervert let himself into womans home and begged her to have sex with him

A businessman who snuck into a couple's home tried to get into another woman’s home after telling her he was “here to have sex with you.”

Arfan Ali Khan, from Bolton, Greater Manchester, has been jailed for a string of sexual offences after he snuck into a couple’s home before grabbing a woman by the hand and begging her to go to the bedroom with him.

The incident occurred after the 44-year-old previously knocked on another woman’s front door on the evening of June 28, 2020.

When she answered, he told her: “I’m Khan. I’m here to have sex with you", Bolton Crown court heard.

When the first woman refused to let Khan, he tried to force his way past her into the house but the court was told that she showed “incredible fortitude” by shutting the door on him.

Manchester Evening News reports that Khan continued despite the door being shut on him as he went to the window and again mouthed that he was there to have sex with her.

Following the incident, Khan targeted another nearby house and let himself in via the back door of the property.

Once inside, Khan went upstairs where he came into the bathroom of the female homeowner and grabbed her arm.

He blew her a kiss before he begged her to go to her bedroom with him.

The woman screamed and this alerted her boyfriend to the situation, prompting him to run upstairs to help before throwing Khan out of the house.

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While under investigation for these incidents, in August 2020, Khan turned up at a storage building and asked a member of staff for sex.

When the member of staff asked Khan to leave, he grabbed at the man’s groin.

The court heard that Khan was sentenced last year for another sexual assault, which took place near Rivington Barn in February 2020, where he made “sexually explicit references to what you wanted to do” to two dog walkers before grabbing one of their groins.

Khan was convicted of three counts of trespassing with intent to commit a relevant sexual offence and an offence under S4 of the Public Order Act and jailed for seven years.

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Passing sentence, Simon Killeen said: “It is clear you have no real insight into what you're capable of.

“You continue to deny what is obvious – that these offences were sexually motivated

“You continue to trivialise your behaviour.

“Sadly you don't really show any remorse or sympathy.”

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