‘No French fries for war criminals’ Russia’s version of McDonald’s emptied out

Alex Salmond grilled on links to Russian TV

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Fast food chain McDonald’s quit Russia following the backlash of Putin’s ‘special military operation’ in Ukraine. The reaction from the West included heavy economic sanctioning and in May McDonald’s sold its restaurants across the entirety of Russia to a local licensee.

The new chain called Vkusno & tochka, or “Tasty and that’s it”, reopened the eateries on June 12 following much excitement in Russia.

However, last week customers began to post pictures of menus from the chain with fries missing and a notice saying that fries and potato wedges would be off the menu for many of the new restaurants until the autumn.

Pictures have since emerged online of mouldy burger buns as well, once again showing the logistical issues of sourcing supplies in Russia.

Supply chain disruptions including a difficulty in importing potatoes has severely affected the company who have been blaming a poor harvest in Russia.

A statement from Vkusno & tochka said it was no longer possible to buy local ingredients and said it was “impossible to import from markets that might have become temporary supplies of potatoes”.

It added: “Potatoes will return to the chain’s menu in full at the beginning of the next harvest year, autumn 2022.”

However, despite such claims from the Russian fast-food restaurant, Russia’s agriculture ministry contradicted the comments.

It said that the potato harvest was bigger than last year and the market is “fully supplied with potatoes, including processed potatoes”.

It continued: “The new crop is now arriving, which rules out the possibility of a shortage.”

The supply chain disruptions demonstrate the impact of economic sanctions on Russian businesses over the Kremlin’s actions in Ukraine and how the issues with supplies impact the import of goods.

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Oleg Paroev, the General Director of Vkusno & tochka said that a “significant percentage” of ingredients were sourced from abroad.

Mr Paroev added: “All of the world’s largest French fries producers refuse to supply their products to Russia.”

The comment encouraged Business Ukraine Magazine to tweet: “No French fries for war criminals.”

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