New maps show SECOND rain and storm deluge to hit Britain in days

BBC Weather: UK set for persistent rainfall

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WX Charts’ precipitation forecast shows a second band of downpours, some heavy, will begin to move across the country from the Atlantic by next Friday, September 9. By Saturday an isolated band of thunderstorms will rise up through the south-west from noon, hitting places such as Plymouth, and striking southern Ireland. This pillar of thunder and lightning will then travel eastwards, encompassing most of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight by 6pm. It will come after a rather unsettled week for the UK, where sporadic showers will have hit nearly all parts of Britain.

A current yellow weather warning covering large swathes of Ireland, Wales, the south-west and the north-west is in place for thunderstorms until 4am tomorrow.

But this will just mark the start of wet autumnal weather, with the Met Office offering little to no hope of a heat resurgence.

Instead, next weekend will be somewhat of a wash-out, according to interactive weather models.

Its long range forecast, up until September 18 says: “Still unsettled to begin with in this period, with sunny spells among scattered heavy and thundery showers.

“Possibly becoming drier in the north for a time, and from the southwest later.

“Low pressure is likely to slowly edge to the east over the weekend and become replaced by generally higher pressure.

“This may bring longer periods of drier weather, particularly for the west, meanwhile, the showers and longer spells of rain may be more prevalent in the east and southeast.

“The end of this period is likely to see frontal systems coming in from the southwest, bringing further showers.

“Temperatures largely near normal throughout, but locally warm in parts, and winds generally light. Overnight mist and fog patches are possible throughout this period.”

It also noted the mercury aligning with what is expected for the time of year at the start of October.

The Met Office forecast for the start of next month adds: “Frontal systems continue to affect the UK, bringing typical weather conditions for this time of year.

“Rain or showers are likely at times, mostly in the west and northwest, meanwhile eastern areas possibly drier on average.”

“Temperatures likely to remain above average, and overnight mist and fog patches are likely for many, especially in the south and east.”

Meanwhile in the Atlantic, tropical Storm Earl is predicted to strengthen up – although it’s currently forming close to southern America, with no  confirmation of it hitting UK shores.

Senior meteorologist at the British Weather Services, Jim Dale, said Hurricane Danielle, currently in the middle of the Atlantic, may contribute to the prolonged unsettled period across the country.

He said: “The likely impacts won’t be known for a few days yet but it should and probably will maintain the unsettled theme.”

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