Mum of boy shot by police used compensation to buy guns for other sons gang

A mother who won a record-breaking settlement from the police when they shot her 16-year-old son dead has been caught using the money to buy weapons for another of her children.

In 2017, 16-year-old Isiah Murrietta-Golding was shot and killed by a California police officer that was chasing him on suspicion of involvement in a gang shooting.

Isiah’s older brother was subsequently convicted of involuntary manslaughter.

This week the boys’ mother has been arrested, accused of using the multi-million dollar compensation settlement for the loss of her son to buy guns and ammunition for her other son and other members of Fresno’s Calwa gang.

Christina Lopez, 42, was one of 14 people arrested after an investigation into a gang-related killing.

Fresno County District Attorney Lisa Smittcamp says that Lopez used some of the record-breaking $4.9 million [£3.6m] settlement to purchase weapons that her 14-year old son passed on to other members of his gang.

“She has continued now to take the money from her settlement that she received from the city of Fresno to buy a home where she lives,” said Ms Smittcamp, adding that Ms Lopez had also spent “thousands of dollars on guns that she has in turn given to her 14-year-old son”.

“Clearly, this family has been seasoned in this type of behaviour,” she said.

After Isiah Murrietta-Golding was killed, Ms Lopez won a record-breaking payout from the City of Fresno. ”This tragic shooting of a child was totally unnecessary and sickening to anyone who saw the video,” her lawyer Michael Haddad said at the time. “The city of Fresno did the right thing by paying Isaiah's parents the largest settlement in Fresno's history.”

Ms Lopez’s current attorney Ralph Torres told ABC 30 News that she is innocent of these new charges ,and that all of the money she received from the settlement can be accounted for.

He told the station that Ms Lopez had bought a new home to get her children away from potential gang violence.

“We have to see what they have and what type of concrete, physical evidence that we can look at so that would connect her,” he said.

Ms Lopez faces 22 counts of gun trafficking charges including conspiracy to provide firearms to a minor for the benefit of a street gang, child endangerment and conspiracy to provide a firearm to a gang member, police said. She’s expected to appear before a court on Tuesday.

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