Mum of bloke in jail for murder finds his victim alive to prove innocence

A mum who was convinced her son was innocent after he went to jail for kidnap and murder claims she has found his supposed victim alive and well seven years after the alleged crime.

A man named in reports as Vishnu has been behind bars since he was convicted of the lethal attack against the unnamed minor, who was aged 15 at the time.

He was charged in September 2015 after he was accused of being responsible for the disappearance of the girl, who went missing in February the same year, reports India Today.

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The missing girl’s dad even identified a teenager’s body as his daughter’s and told police it was Vishnu who was responsible for her murder.

But his loving mother Sunita, who believed her kid was innocent, searched on his behalf before finally receiving a tip-off that his victim was still alive and now married with two children.

She told reporters: "I knew my son was being framed in the case and I took it upon myself to prove his innocence."

Baffled authorities have been made aware of her miraculous investigation, with the Dhantholi village local going to police station Gonda to tell senior cop Kalanidhi Naithani what she had discovered.

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After investigating, they found a woman who Sunita claims is the supposedly murdered victim, now living in the Hathras district of India.

Cops have since sent the unnamed individual to court and are arranging a DNA test.

Police officer Raghvendra Singh explained in a statement: "We are going to get the DNA profiling of the woman done to move ahead in the case.

“DNA samples of the woman will be matched with her parents and after its report further action will be taken.”

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