Most serial killers are born in November and its bad news if you marry in June

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It's time to turn up the heat.. this is the month where couples have the most sex.

A survey by sexual wellness brand Lovehoney found raunchy activity peaks in July, with couples having twice as much nookie than later in the year.

Julius Caesar ignored the soothsayer's "beware the ides of March" warning and was killed that month.
But what other surprising things happen the most in other months?

Daily Star reveals all…

Career change: Looking to move jobs? Applying in January is your best bet. According to a poll by Glassdoor, one in five people cite this as the best time to change career. By contrast, December is the least likely month for people to switch jobs.

Dead cert: According to data from the Office for National Statistics, January is the deadliest month, followed closely by December. Heart attacks are also more common in January.

Marriage woes: According to a 2016 study by the University of Melbourne, marrying in February – and particularly Valentine’s Day – means you’re 18-36% more likely to divorce. Lovebirds who tie the knot in June are more likely to cheat. A survey of adultery website Ashley Madison found 13% of unfaithful men and women had their big day that month.

Feeling blue: The winter months are more commonly associated with depression, but March and April are reportedly the times where people struggle most with mental illness.

Best test: When it comes to taking your driving test the best months of the year are April, August and December. Pass rates for both men and women show the same slight peaks during these months.

Safe as houses: August is the busiest month to move house, with 12% of movers choosing that month, followed by July (11%) says reallymoving removals firm. The most popular day of the year to move home is typically the last Friday in August.

Baby boom: Despite July being the randiest month, September is the time of year when the most babies are born. It’s thought this is potentially down to couples planning to have kids at the start of the school year. February is the least popular month for births.

Recipe for success: It’s good news for the September babies – this is the month when the most successful people are born. Research from the University of Toronto, University of Florida and Northwestern University in Illinois found people with September birthdays are more confident, more likely to go to university and have less chance of going to prison.

Weighty issue: People tend to pile on the pounds in winter, especially during the festive season when most of us indulge. But it’s thought seasonal weight gain tends to start in October, with a study in the New England Journal of Medicine finding it peaks just after the new year.

Murder month: The most serial killers are born in November. A study of 100 murderers found 17 born that month, compared with an average of nine for the other months. Research from 2005 also found those born in November grow up to be the most pessimistic people.

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