Met Office verdict on two week mini heatwave as 26C blast poised for UK

UK weather: Sunshine and mild temperatures forecast by Met Office

Forecasters are predicting soaring temperatures across the UK with the mercury set to sit comfortably “above average” next month. The experts have given their verdict and June could see thermometers skyrocket to nearly 30C, with new maps showing a hot air mass pushing across the English Channel at the start of next month. However, the Met Office is also predicting the summer could be damp with showers “turning heavy at times”.

The forecaster’s long-range predictions show “dry and sunny weather” across the country as we head into early June but there could be “outbreaks of light rain” in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Experts said: “Temperatures should be above average for most, but with some colder nights in the north. Feeling warm away from windward eastern coasts, perhaps very warm for the south.

“By early June, high pressure is still expected to dominate, though with the possibility of showers developing in the south and possibly turning heavy at times. The north likely to see drier weather.

“Temperature are expected be above normal for most, although cooler near windward coasts.”

Looking ahead to mid-June the forecaster said conditions will still be “settled and dry” with temperatures staying “above average for the time of year”.

BBC weather shows thermometers peaking to 25C in the first week of June at Heathrow with temperatures already peaking in the early 20s this weekend.

Weather maps also show June 1 being the day when the country’s fortunes are likely to change, with hotter weather on the cards.

In terms of how long it will last, confidence remains uncertain, with the Met Office warning of thunderstorms potentially breaking the heat.

Netweather shows a similar outlook with the forecast from May 29 to June 4 saying: “This means that the period is somewhat likely to be mainly dry, sunny and warm for Scotland and also Northern Ireland, and in north-west England.

“Cloudier, cooler weather is likely to affect eastern England at times due to low cloud coming in off the North Sea, and we may see a trend towards wetter weather pushing into southern areas more frequently, as low pressure to the south starts to play a stronger role.

“Thus, it is again likely to be drier than average, except potentially in southern England, and also sunnier than average except in eastern and southern England. “

For it to be catorgorised as a heatwave in the UK temperatures have to reach a minimum of 25C for at least three consecutive days to qualify.

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