Meghan Markle spotted at 4th of July celebration with Archie waving US flag

Meghan Markle was snapped holding her son Archie's hand in a rare public outing from the family.

Prince Harry was also photographed at a 4th of July parade in Wyoming, US, on Monday after a fan claimed a "big tough guy" told her some seats at the event were reserved.

Only the backs of Meghan and Harry were caught on camera on their trip from Montecito, California but the rookie photographer insists it was indeed the Sussexes, even with Lilibet out of view.

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Meghan — dressed in black jeans, a white top and fedora hat can be seen from behind squatting as she speaks to a distracted three-year-old Archie donning a trucker baseball cap and clutching hold of a miniature USA flag.

As the Duchess treats her eldest child to a red lollipop, Harry is pictured soaking in the festivities of America's Independence Day, dressed in a grey polo shirt and khaki baseball cap.

The anonymous Facebook user revealed her shock at seeing royalty at Jackson Hole which was later shared by @Marklenews1, she wrote: "Funny story, we are in Jackson Hole WY at their 4th of July parade.

"The big tough guy told us twice that he was saving seats for a family…I thought, well it must be the royal family (very sarcastic thinking!) A minute later Meghan Markle and Prince Harry walk up with little Archie!

"The big guy was the bodyguard. Meghan is gorgeous and Harry and Archie are cute."

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It is unknown where Lilibet was during the parade.

With the couple facing away from the camera, the usual royal conspiracy theorists leapt out in force online with their sensational attempts at going full Sherlock Holmes.

Those denying it was Meghan in Wyoming this week alleged she looks too "thin" and her feet are too small. Several more even suggested it could not have been Archie because his hair was not as red as previously pictured.

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Someone said: "It doesn't look like her build I say it's fake, isn't her or the child," an opinion echoed by several others on Instagram.

One fellow detective however argued: "This is definitely Markle. She’s got her Cartier on and that hat is a dead giveaway."

Another commented: "I agree it’s the watch and bracelet that give it away. Also Archie looks like the other photos we’ve seen of him."

A third even pointed out that her squat "is a signature move of hers".

The irony of a British prince attending the national celebratory event was not lost on some amused social media users.

One person commented: "Must be awkward for Harry to celebrate the 4th of July…"

The Daily Star has contacted representatives for the Sussexes for a comment.


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