Man who says hes Jesus trapped and kissed young boy after preaching veganism

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A man who claims to have been Jesus Christ in a previous life allegedly trapped an underage boy and forcibly kissed him.

James Thompson, 39, confronted the boy in a gym locker room in Pinellas County, Florida, US just after 7.30pm on Monday (April 25), according to an arrest affidavit.

According to police, Thompson spent some time talking to the minor at Crunch Fitness about love and lecturing him about veganism.

"He also told the victim that he was Jesus Christ in another life" before forcibly kissing the young boy against his will, according to the affidavit.

The young victim then tried to get around Thompson to escape, only for Thompson to use his body to block his path thus trapping him in the locker room.

Thompson is said to weigh roughly 100lbs (45kg) more than his victim.

After cops reached the scene, arrested Thompson and read him his Miranda rights, Thompson admitted to them that he had kissed the boy.

There were also several witnesses to the incident.

The arrest affidavit states that Thompson could not say if he had trapped the minor at the gym.

He is facing charges of false imprisonment and simple battery.

Thompson goes by the name "Tree Bear" online and has a website based around his life.

The website states: "James Trevor Byron Thompson (aka Tree Bear) is the reincarnation of Jesus Christ. James remembers being on the cross, he was hanging there with dislocated shoulders.

"In this life James has had shoulder injuries. Our karma/energy carries on from life to life. We are infinite beings travelling from life to life.

"After 6 shoulder surgeries, James has a cadaver in each shoulder. Being three men, James’ figure is 666. James did 4 months in Weld County Jail in 2015, his inmate figure was 216661283. His debit card ends in 4666. And the loan figure on his home ended in 1666."

He also claims to be "not the Jesus you want, [but] the Jesus Earth needs".

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