London police urge caution around waterways amid wet forecast

A wet start to Tuesday morning in London has prompted a warning from city police.

Police are urging caution around local waterways such as streams, rivers and ditches due to the rising water levels that are set to arrive on Tuesday.

Environment Canada meteorologist Brian Owsiak said the forecast presents no major concern but that rising water levels are still something to watch for.

“Luckily, this rainfall isn’t too terribly heavy given the time of year,” said Owsiak.

“But the rain today and last night, with the recent snowmelt, certainly does let the rivers run a bit high.”

The Upper Thames River Conservation Authority (UTRCA) said it does not anticipate significant flooding in London. However, low-lying, flood-prone areas may become inundated, police say.

Police say Tuesday’s conditions will lead to slippery banks near local waterways, and as a result, parents are advised to keep children and pets away.

Officials with UTRCA are monitoring the situation and will report on any changing conditions if necessary.

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