Kate Middleton’s mum refuses PR drive out of ‘respect’ for ill Prince Philip

The Duchess of Cambridge's mum has refused to promote her business out of 'respect' while Prince Philip is in hospital.

Carole Middleton has asked lifestyle magazine Good Housekeeping not to publicise a cover interview she did as she didn't want to further distress the Royal Family while the Duke of Edinburgh, 99, is ill.

It is thought the lack of PR could cost her firm Party Pieces "thousands in lost marketing" after the interview took place in January.

Carole's decision to veto the publicity drive is in stark contrast to Prince Harry and wife Meghan Markle's decision to press ahead with screening a controversial tell-all interview with iconic chat show host Oprah Winfrey in the US on Sunday.

The two-hour special is tipped to air in the UK the following day.

"Carole is incredibly proud of her company and all the hard work that goes into it," a source told The Sun.

"But whilst backing the business, she didn't want to turn any news into a media circus because she is so respectful and sensitive to Catherine, and the royal family.

"She always gets William's go-ahead before any interview like this, and he is incredibly supportive.

"But the more the PR machine rolled out in Los Angeles with Meghan and Harry, the more sensitive Carole became.

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"She decided she didn't want to do any PR for the interview – even if it cost her thousands in potential lost marketing."

During the magazine interview, Carole revealed who her favourite pop star is – and her love of house music.

"At the moment I get up and dance to Jess Glynne, so the family tease me as I always put her on," she said.

"People are often surprised to know that I love house music – something with a good beat – and so does [husband] Mike."

The Queen's husband was been in hospital for more than two weeks after falling ill at Windsor Castle last month.

The exact reason for his stay, the longest he has ever been in hospital, remains unclear although the Palace initially said he was being treated as a "precaution".

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