Jealous golden retriever steals owner back after seeing him cuddling puppy

A golden retriever could not hide his jealousy at seeing an adorable puppy being cuddled by his owner and so took matters into his own hands.

Bailey is often melting the hearts of his 380,000 subscribers on YouTube with his videos and just last week was filmed “overwhelmed with emotion” at seeing a litter of puppies.

But a new video appears to see his love only goes so far.

In the clip, Bailey’s owner Taras is seen cradling a tiny fluff ball in his arms and carrying him to a sofa, before sitting down and stroking it.

But as soon as he sits down, the larger goldie tries to win over his attention by clambering over him and pushing his head into his face.

Eventually, the pup climbs off and Bailey immediately seizes his opportunity to take prime spot on Taras’ lap.

All the tiny dog can do is watch on hopelessly as the adult dog steals Taras away.

The video has been seen more than 150,000 times since being posted last week.

“Oh my gosh, this is so hilarious how Bailey tries to get the attention of his owner,” one user commented.

Another sarcastically wrote: “Bailey is so subtle…it’s difficult to pinpoint how he’s feeling.

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And a third added: “Aw. Bailey loves you so much. He wants to make sure he's always number one!”

It comes after another golden retriever went viral for giving his owner a “death stare” when she returned home from work smelling like another dog.

Meanwhile, one pooch also left viewers in stitches thanks to his worried reaction to his owners having a fake argument.

You can keep up to date with all of Bailey's adorable antics by signing up to his dedicated YouTube channel, This is Bailey.

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