Huge blow for Putins sex-crazy pregnant mistress as new sanctions imposed

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has been dealt another blow as new sanctions are brought against his alleged sex-crazy mistress.

Olympic gold-winning rhythmic gymnast Alina Kabaeva, 39, is thought to have given birth to at least two children with Putin, and it was rumoured earlier this year that she was pregnant with another.

She was previously described as "full of sex" by Russian photographer Mikhail Korolov who snapped her for Maxim.

In May the UK government announced sanctions against both Kabaeva and Putin's ex-wife Lyudmila Ocheretnaya.

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Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said at the time: "We are exposing and targeting the shady network propping up Putin’s luxury lifestyle and tightening the vice on his inner circle.

"We will keep going with sanctions on all those aiding and abetting Putin’s aggression until Ukraine prevails."

At the start of last month the EU followed suit, adding Kabaeva to a list of 1,158 people and 98 companies under sanctions.

"She is therefore responsible for supporting actions and policies which undermine the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine, as well as stability and security in Ukraine," an EU official declared.

"Furthermore, she is associated with a listed person responsible for and actively supporting actions undermining the territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence of Ukraine, as well as stability and security in Ukraine."

Now, Australia has taken action against Kabaeva.

According to the Kyiv Independent, she was among 16 Russian individuals added to their sanctions list yesterday (July 1).

The other 16 are said to include members of Putin's family and three Russian ministers.

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In April, US officials debated whether to impose sanctions on Putin's alleged mistress.

The Treasury Department prepared the documentation but the National Security Council put the plans on ice, fearing they could provoke Putin into reckless action.

Rebekah Koffler, a Russian born ex-US intelligence officer, said at the time that, although the move wouldn't stop the war in Ukraine, it would hit Putin financially in terms of personal holdings and tax obligations.


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