Horrifying moment a 6ft snake slithers across newsagents without owner noticing

A 6ft snake slithered over a newsagent’s counter and tried to “steal mints” after its owner took for an outing.

Alwyn Maynard, 52, filmed the moment the reptile stretched towards the sweets without the woman it was with noticing.

He said: “She just didn’t seem to know what the snake was doing behind her. It must have had a sweet tooth. I felt so sorry for the shopkeeper. I don’t think I’ve ever heard screams like that.”

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Alwyn had gone into the Liverpool store for water, but fled without it as he “didn’t want to be strangled”.

In the video the shopkeeper can be heard screaming in terror as the creature – thought to be a boa constrictor or python – suddenly slithered away.

Baffling footage, shot in the city last Tuesday, shows the assistant screaming inconsolably as she flees to the end of the shop while the snake wraps itself between boxes of mints.

It then climbs onto the till as the women rambles into the camera.

Mr Maynard continued to watch on as the terrified shop assistant repeatedly orders her to "go now" despite the snake battling to escape its owner and wreak havoc.

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On the shopkeeper's screams, he said: "She must have had a bad experience with a snake as a young child because she was absolutely terrified. All hell broke loose.

"I don't think I've ever heard screams like that. Every time she screamed it was an octave higher. She must have felt trapped. They probably dealt with people trying to rob them, but all that pales into insignificance with this. It is a bit different from a snake trying to steal from your shop.

"Why would you bring a six-feet snake to the local shop? You'd just leave it at home. I don't think she will bring it to a shop again. I wasn't very sympathetic."

Alwyn, who admits it was a "really nice-looking creature", says the woman managed to drag the snake back over the counter after around three minutes.


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