Heroic Queens pallbearers revealed as teenager, bodybuilder and surfer soldier

The coffin of Queen Elizabeth II was carried by eight pallbearers who've been described as heroes due to a stellar showing at the late monarch's funeral.

Within the group of pallbearers who were deployed in Iraq but flew back to the UK when first notified of the Queen's death include a fitness fiend and a teenage guardsman.

Lance Sergeant Alex Turner, Lance Corporal Tony Flynn, Lance Sergeant Elias Orlowski and Guardsman Fletcher Cox were situated on one side of the casket.

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Lined up on the other side was Guardsman David Sanderson, Guardsman Luke Simpson, Lance Sergeant Ryan Griffiths and Guardsman James Patterson.

Guardsman Patterson, is an avid bodybuilder who shows off his muscles in Facebook snaps and was partially responsible in the carrying of the 500lb (230kg) coffin at the back.

Griffiths, a keen surfer, was notably proud of his achievement after sharing a photo of him carrying the casket alongside pictures of him surfboarding on social media.

While the youngest of the bunch, Fletcher Cox, 19, said parading for the Queen was his “sole ambition”, while retired major Danny Wright who awarded the teenager the Lieutenant-Governor's medal, called him a "real underdog".

Cox's fellow guardsman Luke Simpson made his father proud who shared an image of his son to social media, saying: “We had a tear watching but they’ve done us proud.”

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Lance Sergeant Orlowski was previously involved with the London Guards while guardsman Sanderson has served in the King’s Guard.

Guided by Company Sergeant Major Dean Jones, of Long Eaton, Derbyshire during the funeral, the eight members of the Queen's Company, 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards were instructed by Second Lieutenant Freddie Hobbs.

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