Hero cat comes to the rescue and opens door for locked out owner

An adorable cat was praised after giving its hapless owner a helping hand – by opening the door for her.

Owner Ms Zhang, from Shijiazhuang of north China, rushed to work in the morning and only realised she forgot to bring her keys after slamming the door shut behind her.

Left frustrated, she asked for the building manager to bring a master key and opened the door for her.

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In a video she shared on social media, she tried calling her pet and wondered if it would be able to help.

She rang the door bell and heard the feline responding with a meow.

Ms Zhang then called out to her pet, and to her astonishment, within minutes the door handle began to rattle and then slowly swing open.

Her phone footage – filmed on 17th October – shows the tabby and white moggie releasing the locked door handle by pulling it down.

Ms Zhang was able to walk back into her home after only 10 minutes of struggle, feeling relieved and incredibly moved that her beloved cat was able to help her out.

Meanwhile, a man was slapped with a £70 bill for buying on-demand porn videos because of his dog.

Thomas Barnes, 58, said his dog, Marino, pushed all the wrong buttons when making itself comfortable.

The disastrous accident saw the bloke contact his provider "within minutes" to explain the X-Rated Smart TV gaffe and subsequent £70 charge.

Earlier this month, a Japanese rock climber had a narrow escape after a close encounter with a black bear.

The beast came inches to his head for an attack and he managed to hit back by kicking the bear off a rock and hitting its with his fists.

Thankfully, the bear left and he made it to a safe spot where he could treat his injuries.


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