Golden retriever unexpectedly reunites with sister while out on a walk

A golden retriever's daily walk has turned into an accidental but heartwarming family reunion when her owner spotted a very similar pooch strutting past.

Aubrey, a two-year-old dog, reacted joyfully when she first met her younger sister while out having a walk near their apartment in California.

Her owner quickly noticed another golden retriever in sight but felt strange that it looked uncannily similar to Aubrey.

And that's how the "long lost siblings" reunited.

"I was walking my dog when I saw a golden retriever that looked a lot like mine. I couldn't believe how similar they looked," the owner said.

"So I asked where he got his golden retriever from. Turns out they have the same dad! They're sisters!"

Aubrey shows an instant affection towards her sister, Ahsoka, and the pair share a special bond.

They sniff on each other and try on jump on each other.

The parents agreed to meet another day at a mini golf where Aubrey and Ahsoka roamed around in pairs.

Viewers were absolutely thrilled when they watched the two golden retrievers reunite and bond.

One said: "They knew each other before their owners. So sweet!!"

"Aw they knew! Sisters together again! I hope y’all have puppy dates so they could play!" a second wrote.

A third added: "This is a dog version of 'The Parent Trap'."

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Some shared their own experience, with one detailing: "We adopted our mutt from a shelter 2 hours from home.

"About a year later, someone messaged me about how our dogs looked the same – turns out it was his brother, and they lived four streets away from us! Unreal coincidence."

Ahsoka's owner later gave updates and shared some precious moments both Aubrey and Ahsoka had had at the Goldie Palooza 2022.

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