Getting us hooked on Russian gas! Scholz putting Europe at risk with anti-nuclear plot

Germany is 'getting us all hooked on Russian gas' says expert

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Energy analyst Malcolm Grimston has blasted Germany’s anti-nuclear policy for leading Europe to become hooked on Russian gas. Mr Grimston slammed Berlin’s energy policies as the EU agreed to reduce the bloc’s natural gas consumption by 15 percent, as Vladimir Putin cuts supplies to the union. 

Mr Grimston told TalkTV: “Germany is getting us all hooked on Russian gas by its anti-nuclear policy.

“And nothing much has happened in the last few years to train my mind.

“The UK is now we’ve got the good news last week that the next nuclear power Station is going to be ordered in the UK.

“But we really should have been doing this 20 years ago all the writing was on the wall.”


Russia delivered less gas to Europe on Wednesday in a further escalation of an energy stand-off between Moscow and the European Union that will make it harder, and costlier, for the bloc to fill up storage ahead of the winter heating season.

The cut in supplies, flagged by Gazprom earlier this week, has reduced the capacity of Nord Stream 1 pipeline – the major delivery route to Europe for Russian gas – to a mere fifth of its total capacity.

On Tuesday, EU countries approved a weakened emergency plan to curb gas demand after striking compromise deals to limit cuts for some countries, hoping lower consumption will ease the impact in case Moscow stops supplies altogether.

The plan highlights fears that countries will be unable to meet goals to refill storage and keep their citizens warm during the winter months and that Europe’s fragile economic growth may take another hit if gas will have to be rationed.

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Royal Bank of Canada analysts said the plan could help Europe get through the winter provided gas flows from Russia are at 20-50 percent capacity, but warned against “complacency in the market European politicians have now solved the issue of Russian gas dependence.”

While Moscow has blamed various technical issues for the supply cuts, Brussels has accused Russia of using energy as a weapon to blackmail the bloc and retaliate for Western sanctions over its invasion of Ukraine.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Gazprom was supplying as much gas to Europe as possible, adding that sanctions-driven technical issues with equipment were preventing it from exporting more.

European politicians have repeatedly warned Russia could stop gas flows completely this winter, which would thrust Germany into recession and send prices for consumers and industry soaring even further.

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The Dutch wholesale gas price for August, the European benchmark, jumped 9 percent to 205 euros per megawatt hour on Wednesday, up around 412 percent from a year ago.

Klaus Mueller, head of Germany’s network regulator, said the country could still avoid a gas shortage that would prompt its rationing.

Germany, Europe’s top economy and its largest importer of Russian gas, has been particularly hit by supply cuts since mid-June, with its gas importer Uniper requiring a 15 billion euro ($15.21 billion) state bailout as a result.

Mr Mueller has issued another plea to households and industry to save gas and avoid rationing.

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