First patient to get coronavirus vaccine today as hopes for cure emerge

One lucky patient will get the first coronavirus vaccine today – but it won’t be available to the general public for another year.

Nearly 50 participants will receive the experimental Covid-19 jab in virus-hit Seattle in the coming weeks.

None of the volunteers – aged between 18 and 55 – will be deliberately infected.

The World Health Organisation says 35 experimental vaccines are being developed, including one by the US government.

The first participant in the phase one trial will receive their vaccine today.

All patients will be treated at Seattle’s Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute.

There is no chance patients will accidentally be infected by the shots, as they don’t contain the virus itself.

The goal for the initial test is to test for worrisome side effects.

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But Dr Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said it could be 2022 before a vaccine is safe to release to the world.

Over 170,000 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed worldwide, with an estimated 6,500 deaths.

Earlier today a doctor claims his team may have found a cure for the deadly virus.

Professor David Paterson is hoping to have patients enrolled to trial the drug by the end of March, according to reports.

He told "It's a 'potentially effective treatment' that should be considered for a large scale medical trial immediately.

"What we want to do at the moment is a large clinical trial across Australia, looking at 50 hospitals, and what we're going to compare is one drug, versus another drug, versus the combination of the two drugs."

According to the report, it centres around two drugs. The first is used to suppress HIV, while another is an anti-malaria treatment.

He described it as a potential "treatment or cure".

The trial comes amid reports that US President Donald Trump offered German researchers $1bn for exclusive rights to a vaccine.

Die Welt claim Trump wanted to buy a cure from pharmaceutical firm CureVac for “for the US only”.

But German health minister Jens Spahn said a US takeover of the company was “off the table”.

He added: “The vaccine will be developed for the whole world, not for individual countries.”

CureVac’s CEO is believed to have met with President Trump at the White House earlier this month.

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