Finance minister says Quebec in good financial shape in face of COVID-19

There might be storms to weather, but Finance Minister Eric Girard said that Quebec is in strong financial shape despite COVID-19.

“Quebec’s economy has extremely strong fundamentals, public finances are sound, and this puts us in a very good position,” Girard said.

“The Quebec economy is going to be resilient.”

During an annual pre-budget photo op in Quebec City on Monday, Girard laced up his hockey skates.

It’s tradition that the finance minister gets new shoes the day before tabling the budget, but this year, Girard replaced his hockey blades with new ones from a Quebec-based company.

Girard said supporting Quebec businesses is top of mind amid the spread of COVID-19, which is threatening the global economy. However, Girard said he is not re-working the budget that was drafted three weeks ago and has already been printed.

“The budget is not made for cyclical adjustments that are happening overnight. The budget is a structural plan to improve competitiveness of businesses to help the economy reach its full potential to invest in services, health care, education. We’re doing that,” he said.

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