Fans of rock music least likely to go bald with best songs for hair identified

Fans of rock music are the least likely to go bald.

Songs by bands like Black Sabbath and Van Halen were found to reduce stress the most, causing heart rates of listeners to fall.

That means head-banging tunes like Paranoid and Jump were less likely to cause your bpm (beats-per-minutes) to shoot up.

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Rock songs cause bpm to fall by 24%, to 61bpm – leaving fans “more relaxed” and less likely to go bald, said researchers.

Famous rockers with long hair include Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters.

Doctor Ömer Avlanmıs, of Veraclinic, which did the study, said: “The results may seem surprising on first inspection, but medically they make a lot of sense.”

Rock songs also had “positive nostalgia” increasing feelings of happiness and calm by releasing endorphins to the brain.

Those listening to techno or drum and bass saw their bpm soar by 10%, to 88bpm.

A change of diet is also understood to be helpful for preventing hair loss.

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Dr Earim Chaudry told "Like your body, your hair depends on the intake of nutrients to maintain its health.

“As your hair is made of protein, making sure you have enough protein in your diet is the first step to preventing your hair from becoming thin and brittle.

"In fact, it has been proven that a lack of protein in your diet can restrict hair growth and – more alarmingly – contribute to hair loss."

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