Euro 2020 could be ‘booze-filled bonkfest increasing spread of Covid’

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Euro 2020 could lead to a booze-filled ‘bonkfest’ that could increase the spread of Covid, a security expert has claimed.

The risk will be worth it according to Professor Anthony Glees, who said people have been “cooped up” for too long during a series of lockdowns with Brits in need of the “release”.

The tournament, which has been delayed by a year thanks to the pandemic, kicked off in earnest yesterday with London’s iconic Wembley Stadium operating at 25% for England’s fixtures against Croatia, Scotland and the Czech Republic.

Professor Glees, of the University of Buckingham, said: “There are going to be security worries about behaviour that will go well beyond the ‘letting your hair down’.

“Lots of booze, white powders of all kinds, leading to brawls and fights, and even sexual encounters with ladies who may have been waiting some time to ply their trade.

“Sales of condoms are said to have gone up astronomically. It’s great that people are being responsible, but obviously this is something which could lead to a spike in Covid cases.

“But people need the release, they’ve deserved it. It’s a risk worth taking.”

Football fans in Portugal have been blamed for an increase in coronavirus cases that saw the country removed from the UK’s ‘green list’.

Man City and Chelsea fans flocked to the Champions League final in Porto, along with Sporting Lisbon supporters celebrating their team’s first national title in 19 years.

There are fears that could be replicated in Euro 2020 host cities, which as well as London and Glasgow include Rome, Amsterdam, Munich, Seville, Saint Petersburg and Budapest.

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But Professor Glees said “now is not the time to be overdoing security”, as long as people are aware of the risks they are taking.

He said: “The big issues is the spread of the Indian variant.

“As long as people understand the risk, they’ve gone for so long without the things that make life worth living.

“Sometimes you have to take a risk and football fans want to have a good time.

“The big change is the success of the vaccination programme, as a country we’ve done what we’ve needed to do.

“It has allowed the government to relax restrictions steadily.”

Professor Glees jokingly added that China “should make a big donation of beer to all fans going to the Euros as a gesture of goodwill” with the virus originating in the country.

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