Environment Canada predicts above average hurricane season for Atlantic Canada

Environment Canada‘s top hurricane tracker is warning of an active hurricane season approaching, which could bring as many as 19 active storms.

The average hurricane season might see a prediction of 12 active storms, says warning preparedness meteorologist Bob Robichaud.

“All signs point to another active hurricane season this year,” said Robichaud.

The early numbers show the possibility for 13 to 19 named storms — these are at least tropical-storm strength with sustained winds between 63-118 km/h.

Robichaud said of the 19 storms predicted this season, six to ten could reach hurricane status with winds of at least 119 km/h, while another three to six could be categorized as major hurricanes.

It’s too early to begin looking at possible storm locations and potential impact areas, as the hurricane season doesn’t usually begin until June 1 and generally runs until the end of November.

“It’s really impossible to say exactly where the storms are going to go when we look at things prior to the season, said Robichaud. ” It’s only when we have a storm that has formed or is about to form, that we can start to rely on our computer models to generate both a track forecast and an intensity forecast.”

With an ongoing state of emergency declared due to COVID-19, Robichaud wants Canadians to be prepared for the hurricane season and not wait until the last minute to gather all emergency supplies.

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