Dad to boycott Morrisons after daughter almost swallowed snail found in her peas

A dad is threatening to boycott Morrisons after his seven-year-old daughter almost ate a snail believed to have come from a bag of peas bought from the supermarket chain.

Miles Howells, 31, quickly pulled the ghastly gastropod out of the young girl's mouth during a family Sunday roast at his home in Swansea, reports the Liverpool Echo.

The peas were bought from the Llanelli branch of Morrisons in Carmarthenshire, Wales, and Miles says she is now refusing to eat the vegetable.

On the unwanted dinner guest, a disgusted Miles said: "She could have swallowed it. She sees them in the garden, she knows they're not meant to be eaten, so she got a bit upset, asking if it could have poisoned her. I explained that wouldn't have happened, but it freaked her out.

"We just couldn't believe our eyes. It stopped us all in our tracks. I was disgusted. It's a garden animal, it was so off-putting. I understand there's places where snails are eaten as a delicacy and that's fine, but you don't expect a snail to end up in your daughter's mouth from a bag of peas.

"The worst case scenario flashed through my head without a doubt. She could have choked on it. It doesn't bear thinking about it. She won't touch peas now. She's been put off them."

Miles complained via social media, but branded the supermarket's response as "awful".

He said: "They got me to send through a picture of the bag of peas, the barcode, and all of that. They asked if we still had the receipt, we didn't. We'd only gone in to pick a handful of bits up on Friday, it wasn't a big shop.

"They offered me a £5 gift voucher. I said I could tell them what time I went in, my car registration if they wanted to check that, what check-out I used, but they said they couldn't look into any of that without a receipt.

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"I thought 'Wow, unbelievable. Absolutely unbelievable'. No apology, just a message about how good their food quality control is. I don't care about that, because this snail got through all of that and ended up in my daughter's mouth.

"I was just looking for an apology. I'm not one of these people out to rinse them for money. I'm not going to shop at Morrisons again. My mum won't be shopping at them either – she'll be going further afield to shop elsewhere. It's just appalling."

Morrisons have since apologised to Miles and said they have offered him a gesture of goodwill.

A spokesperson said: "We're sorry that this happened. We're in contact with Mr Howells and have offered him a gesture of goodwill to apologise for any inconvenience caused."

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