COVID-19 pandemic plans for Calgary’s 2 school boards continuing to evolve

Both the Calgary Catholic School Board and the Calgary Board of Education are reassuring families of school-aged children across the city during the COVID-19 outbreak.

They say teams have been working on a pandemic plan for weeks. Continuing education and communicating with parents are priorities.

“This thing is growing minute by minute and hour by hour, so as we gain more information, we will share it so we are all on a level playing field,” said CSSD chief Supt. Dr. Bryan Szumlas on Monday.

There is planning underway for an online model, but the reality is that it won’t work for all families.

“It’s really delicate. We just can’t say the solution is online learning. Many families — we know here in Calgary Catholic, 40 per cent of our families… have diverse needs,” Szumlas said. “We are assuming everyone has Wi-Fi capability so we don’t want to advantage some and not advantage others.”

CBE officials said this is difficult but necessary. Teachers and support staff across both districts are still at the schools working with colleagues to provide support for families.

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